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Hi, we’re the founders of Au Pair Finder.

We have been using Au Pairs for the last five years. It’s been a fun life-enriching experience. We’ve met some great people and their Families. Our son now has many “big sisters” and an awareness of different countries, languages and cultures.

We started finding Au Pairs using traditional agencies, but we were surprised how expensive that could be for what was essentially just an introduction every six months.

We quickly progressed to subscription based on-line Au Pair sites, which are considerably cheaper than traditional Au Pair agencies. We found our screening process as a family was just the same, and that the quality of the Au Pairs was also just the same. Having Au Pairs in our home continued to be a great experience.

We evangelised about Au Pairs, but we also listened to stories from other families and Au Pairs who were not having the same great experience as us. Then we looked at the sites we were using, stopped and thought… “this could be better”.

There seemed to be vagueness around the Au Pair search process, we kept having the same conversations to clarify expectations. We realised for some Au Pairs and Families these expectations were only becoming apparent once the Au Pair arrived. Leading to a bad experience for everyone.

So, we created Au Pair Finder. With Au Pair finder we collect a detailed profile for Families and Au Pairs, setting expectations up front. We then calculate a match percentage score to show you who your best matches are. So the conversations you have are with the right people.

We believe time is the most valuable thing you have, and that we should be spending time on fun family experiences. With Au Pair Finder it takes you less time to make the right connections. Connecting with the right people means everyone has a better experience.

We provide a simple to use service that matches families to the people who can help them find a better balance.

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