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Engaged in your career, learning and improving. Putting in the hours when you need to, playing when you don’t, and just having a great time. Then you get pregnant. You’re suddenly starting a family and you realize with a hormonal glow that you really can have it all!

Maternity leave flies by and thoughts about getting back into your career start. How on earth do you juggle being a parent and work? Being a new parent seems like a full time role. What magic pixy dust are you going to use to find an extra nine-ish hours a day! You acquire instant and massive empathy for your colleagues with kids (CwK™) who never seem to socialize after work.

One option if you can afford it is a Nanny, otherwise its daycare or an extended career break. There goes your Double Income No Kids status.

But it’s only for a few years. Once your little one gets a bit older and starts pre-school or kindergarten things should get a little easier… right? Then it hits you. Society is sort of broken.

The day just doesn’t line up. School typically starts around 8:30 am and finishes around 3:00 pm. So, let’s see, get to the office the wrong side of 9 am, leave around 2-2:30 pm, that should be fine, just going to have to work way smarter to match the way shorter. Maybe after school care, oh wait that finishes at 4:30 pm.

School holidays, how many weeks? Let’s not even go there.

In between the guilt juggling of not being in the office and being late for school pickup, you just might hear about Au Pairs. An Au Pair is a magical elder sibling who can do the school drop off, school pickup and supervise while you’re stuck in traffic, again.

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