Family Games

family games

It’s the holiday season and time for fun family games. Here are some traditional ideas… that are not on an iPad!

Hide and Seek

Little children just love Hide and Seek. It’s incredibly funny to find grown-ups squashed into a cupboard! Try not to groan too much as you straighten your knees.

One person covers his or her eyes and counts aloud to ten, while the other players hide. Maybe count to twenty when it’s the little peoples turn to hide.

When that person has finished counting, he or she begins looking for the hiders, exclaiming “coming, ready or not!”

The last hider to be found is the next person to count.

Stomp around as you look for the little people and listen for the giggles.

Treasure Hunt

Kids love finding hidden objects, especially when there’s a prize at the end.

Write your clues on some pieces of paper. Place the first clue somewhere easy to find and then leave as many clues as you like around the house, making a trail to the final treasure.

The treasure hunt can end with little prizes. Chocolate is a popular prize, just don’t overdo the sugar… unless you want to play my all-time favourite game - “run around the sofa until the talking slows down”.


The world-famous card game is popular with all age groups. It’s really easy for the little people to pick up (pun intended).

Special simplified cards make it easy to follow. You can find this at most toy stores. It’s based on a card game called twos and fours (but a normal deck of cards can be intimidating).

The younger the children are the more you let them bend the rules. The kids just love getting to nail their parents with multiple pick up cards.

Simon Says

Another classic that never gets old.

To start, have a parent be Simon. The rest of the players will gather in a line in front of Simon as they call out actions starting with the phrase “Simon says.”

“Simon says…touch your knees.” The players then have to copy Simon’s action, touching their knees.

If Simon calls out an action without saying the phrase “Simon says,” the player must not do the action. If someone does the action, then he or she is out of the game. The winner is the final player.

Then get one of the children to be Simon and let the mayhem begin!


I so love Jenga, probably because you get to make a mess! You can find this at most toy stores.

The bricks are all a slightly different size. Each player removes a brick from the tower and adds it to the top. You keep taking turns as the tower becomes more and more unstable, finally someone removes a brick that causes the collapse of the tower.

Strangely it all ways seems to be a surprise when the tower falls, with cries and giggles as the blocks fly around the room.


The epic once a year family show down. The power, the corruption, the money!

Please… no!

Four hours later, the last two adults in a slow grinding death match, neither prepared to concede. OK… maybe I’m guilty of being one of those adults.

Did I mention hide and seek?

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