Health Checks

health check

It is a good idea to get all your health checks done before you leave for your Au Pair adventure. Whilst it is important to have medical insurance in place to cover any mishaps or unexpected illness, prevention is better than any medical cover!

Booking these health checks before you leave will provide you and your family with peace of mind, but make sure you also have medical insurance.


Get a dental appointment for a general check up to ensure there are no teeth or gum issues likely to arise while you are away.


Have a overall check up with your doctor which may include blood tests and general examination.

Check if there are any travel vaccines you should take for the country you are visiting.

If you are taking medication that requires a prescription try to take enough supplies with you. Ensure any medication is clearly labelled with evidence of the prescription from your doctor, this is in case you are questioned by airport security.

The website helps you identify the possible vaccines you may need to take.


If you wear glasses or contact lenses, have a eye check and make sure your prescription is up to date. Take a spare pair of glasses and spare contact lenses with you .

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