Ways to provide a warm welcome to your Au Pair


What can you do to make your Au Pair feel welcome?

In this blog we outline easy and simple things you can do to make your Au Pair feel comfortable, this will help set a great foundation for a wonderful relationship between Au Pair, children and host parents.

Here are few ways that create a very special experience with your Au Pair during her first few days with you -

Meet and greet

Consider having the host mum greet the Au Pair, allowing host mum and Au Pair to get to know each other before she meets the rest of the family. When you arrive home, ensure your house is neat and presentable with the rest of the family ready to meet her.

Welcome Poster

Have the children (with your help if needed) draw a "welcome" poster and lay it on her bed with a few balloons. Imagine what a lovely surprise this would be for your Aupair as she walks into her bedroom.

Welcome Gift

Give your Au Pair a small gift. It might be a beach towel in the summer, some nice hand or body lotion, a scented candle or diffuser or a book about your town.


Arrange for her to get wifi access in your home as soon as she arrives, so she can tell her family she is safe and well. 

Wash and Eat

Once the family introductions and welcomes are done, check to see if she wants something to eat or drink. Show her around your home and where her room is. Allow time for her to unpack and have a shower (after a long flight she would love to freshen up). 

Jet lag time

Do not focus on her duties on her first day. She will be jet lagged and adjusting to the time zone. Just focus on learning more about her and letting the kids adjust.

Family Outing

In the first couple of weeks your Au Pair will be getting up to speed on your family routines and bonding with your family. Arrange some family activities together that allow her to see highlights in your local area. In these first few weeks your Au Pair will not have made any friends yet so this helps her settle in while she is also reaching out to other Au Pair's and making friends.

Thinking of your Au Pair as a big sister to your kids will help you create the right tone for your interactions with her. It is a special opportunity to gain insight into another culture and another family.
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