What are Au Pair Duties?

Au Pair duties

What is an Au Pair expected to do? Duties for an Au Pair are primarily concerned with childcare, but may also include some household chores.

But what do Host Families really expect? What do Au Pairs really feel comfortable doing?

In this post we are going to examine the statistics from the Au Pair Finder database, comparing Au Pair and Host Family expectations.

In a previous post we uncovered that most Au Pairs and most Families are expecting duties to take between 20 and 30 hours per week. So in the following discussion we’re going to focus on statistics for what is expected in those 20 to 30 hours.

Bonding with your Au Pair

bonding with aupair

So your Au Pair has arrived and now you have a stranger in your house, a slightly nervous stranger who’s wondering how to fit in.

To have the ultimate Family and Au Pair experience it is important that the host parents develop a strong connection with their Au Pair. For an Au Pair arrangement to work well the Au Pair needs to become an integral, and comfortable, part of your family.

A way to bond and develop a great relationship with your Au Pair is to spend time with them doing fun activities. Typically, the host Mum provides most of the guidance, so focusing on the host Mum and Au Pair connection is normally the place to start.

Most activities outside the home end up costing money. Obviously, your Au Pair is going to be on a fairly tight budget, so make sure your Au Pair is clear that they are not expected to pay, that this activity is going to be your treat!

How to stay safe on-line

staying safe on-line

Unfortunately there are lots of on-line scams. Scams are illegal plans to trick people into handing over money. You've probably seen these in your junk email, encouraging you to provide personal details or money to claim a prize. Generally if a offer seems too good to be true, it isn't genuine.

If you believe that anyone on our site is attempting to scam you, or engaging in dis-honest behaviour of any kind, please contact us immediately.

Family Games

family games

It’s the holiday season and time for fun family games. Here are some traditional ideas… that are not on an iPad!

Career and Kids


Engaged in your career, learning and improving. Putting in the hours when you need to, playing when you don’t, and just having a great time. Then you get pregnant. You’re suddenly starting a family and you realize with a hormonal glow that you really can have it all!

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