My experience as an Au Pair

By Constance, March 2018

My Au Pair Experience

Today I am grateful for all the changes that happened in my life and all the endeavours I overcame since I decided 3 years ago to book a flight.

I am writing this post to show how one decision can change your life trajectory forever!

20 September 2015 - departure date. Direction - Sydney. Three flights and twenty eight hours spent in the air.

Feeling anxious, excited and lost, with a mix of different thoughts about whether it is a good choice or not to leave alone for down under.

One of the hardest decisions is to leave, but when you’ve made it anything seems possible.

I’ve accomplished one of my biggest dreams, traveling on the other side of the planet at 21 years old, meeting Ozzie people and learning their way of life, culture, and mind-set.

It is a gift to be able to leave your country and open your eyes to the world. Almost like a second birth, except you get the chance to discover the world by yourself.

Everything I’d learned in the past, my education, my habits, my culture, were no longer important.

I had to settle in a completely different world where most of the things are strange, people react differently, drive on the other side of the road, have different food. I was surprised to see how quickly I integrated into a new country.

I had a whole new life in Australia, I made very good friends and created unforgettable memories that I was sad to leave behind when the end of the adventure approached.

However, all good things must come to an end so I left happy, ready to turn the page of the following chapter. After all, I had learned so much more in one year than in 22 years. I wasn’t scared anymore to go somewhere all by myself, I became independent.

A year later Boston was waiting for me, and I was ready to start another adventure overseas. Not to have fun this time, but to challenge myself a bit more.

That is why I got back to my studies and decided to complete a Master’s degree in International Business. Studying in an American university was a perfect option in order to mix my will of living in a multicultural environment and work in teams with people coming from many different parts of the world.

It is crazy how small you feel when you travel and meet other cultures, you realize how ridiculous we are and what a tiny place we occupy in this world. We are just tiny points among billions.

Wherever I go becomes a part of me somehow. To live in America was the second best decision of my life. Out of my comfort zone for the second time, I had to reintegrate myself to a new culture and recreate a whole new life. Most of all I was proud to go through all these changes and to be able to fit in this society.

It is essential to be willing to change because life won’t stay the same.

After my graduation, I came back a few months ago in France fulfilled, with mixed emotions, but enriched from human encounters, professional and human experiences that turned me into a better person, and a grown up.

Finally, I truly think that all those decisions brought me to where I have landed today, because without taking the decision to move to Australia I would have never increase my level of English that fast, I would have never applied to an American university 6 months after, and without my Master’s degree in Boston I would have never been able to become confident during interviews. Which brings me to the big news I want to share with you.

After many networking events, many days sitting alone in front of my computer searching over and over for opportunities, many interviews, several moments of retrospection and trying to keep hope, I’ve finally got my first job in the UK for a company I admire and I’ll be proud to work for.

To conclude, don’t forget challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

Constance is the winner of our blog writing competition and owner of a shiny new iPhone

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